Garden fork – types

The condition of the soil will not be same all the time, at times it will be sturdy and at times will be loose. When the soil is sturdy, it cannot be handled as easily as they sound to be. This is the reason why the garden forks are being used. Through this kind of tools, farming can be made easier even in the hard and sturdy soil. It can be used for digging, lifting, loosing and for turning the soil. And while coming to its types there are many options to choosing. The most common types of garden forks which are to be known by the beginners are revealed here.

Digging forks

As the name indicates these forks are using for digging the soil without putting forth more effort. When compared to other kinds of forks, this will be lighter in weight but not too lighter as they sound to be. Their tines will be flat faced and they are highly suitable for digging the loosen soil.

Compost fork

This kind of fork will have four slender and in some cases it may also be more. This is highly suitable for turning the compost pit in the garden. The most important thing that the users are supposed to take into account is they cannot withstand heavy weight.

Garden forks

This is one of the best forks which can be used for the soil which is not disturbed for long days. This is because the soil may be tight and it will be very hard. Since these fork tend to have sharp points, they can help in digging the tighten soil more easily than they sound to be. Hence people who are working on their garden after a prolonged time can make use of best heavy duty garden fork to make things easier.