Make your own bra straps

People love fancy items and when it comes to owning one, they tend to do it by themselves. Women especially do not leave any stone unturned. They quickly grasp everything that is fancy and match it with their outfits. No matter where they go, women tend to be perfect with their dress and how they present themselves. For this, self-confidence is extremely important which is given freely with the help of bras. Yes, you heard that right. It might be funny to hear but a fitting bra that gives enhanced coverage is the best gift any woman can have.

Along with the bras they get from outside sources that tend to come off with regular usage, people try to make their own beaded straps. It gives them more creativity to do differently for other bras. The regular bra straps can be extremely boring for those who look for fancy and new additions. It is now easy to make a new statement with the elegancy on the shoulder.

What is it about?

All these years, bras have been evolved in many ways. They have been changing the materials, quality, looks, and function. Most of the firms focus on providing quality bras for women while the others look for decorations. This is where beaded straps come into the picture. This instantly became a hit among the ladies. With their ideas, they started using beads, rhinestones, sequins, and laces to their bra straps to match with the trend.

• Step 1: Decide on your idea. This will help you to imagine and picture the final output of the bra strap.
• Step 2: Get the materials ready. Once they are all set, it is only a matter of time for those fancy straps to come out. For the same, you might need the following;
• Use different types and colors of beads, pearls, stones, or sequins for the design.
• Nylon String– This will help if you’re planning to make a jewelry type of strap.
• Bra straps- if you’re planning to use your old bra.
• Needle.
• Thread.
• Scissor.
• 4 – bra hooks.