Residential electricity price plan

Electricity Rate Calculator – Purchase Based on Usage

Use our electricity residential electricity price plan to find the right electricity plan for your home. Simply enter your monthly consumption. Automatically calculate the estimated electricity bill according to each plan. We sort the plans to show you the cheapest plans in your home. Depending on usage, the average price per kilowatt will increase.

Instead of buying 500,000 or 2,000 kWh depending on energy consumption. residential electricity price plan bill calculator makes it easy for you to get shopping and the best prices. It is easy to use the diet to select and search for the best diet plan.

What is the transmission loss factor?

When the open electricity market started, it was very difficult to figure out which power plan is the cheapest way, as part of that plan was getting nasty and complicated, called the “transmission loss factor”.

When electricity is supplied to the home, a certain percentage of electricity is “lost”. Various distributions address this loss in various ways. Some include the loss in the price, others entrust the loss to the customer.

However, since November 2018, most retailers are standardizing their billing calculations to stay competitive. This means that for a person without math skills, it is not necessary to perform complex calculations to determine the electric bill. Wow.

Nevertheless, these can change at any time, so be sure to launch Kia first, then check and confirm the contract. If you are not sure how your preferred retailer calculates consumption, please contact us.