The most trusted food charity saving many lives

Millions of people in the world go to bed with an empty stomach. Yes, there are many people suffering a lot to get their basic needs. It is because of their poverty, and they are not able to feed the family. It is really hard for a family with children who are not able to feed them with food. They struggle a lot to feed their children, and even some sacrifice their food for their children. So, to make the life of people little better charities were created. There are many charities developed to help the needy. The food charity singapore saving many lives by reaching the needy with food.

  • Food from the heart is one of the most trusted charity in Singapore helping many people to eat healthy food. They are actively doing the work since 2003 and now serving better with a lot of volunteers.
  • They have different food distribution programs to help the people in various ways. The programs of the food charity singaporeinclude a school goodie bag, Bread run, community food pack, and many others.

  • Also, they use various technologies to help the needy. It is a non-profit organization and its main aim is to provide food to the less fortunate people and make them stay healthy.
  • First, they found that the waste of unsold food and can serve the people who are in need. The organization has started with this idea and has helped many people across Singapore.
  • If you would like to make some changes in your society, you are welcome to help them. You can donate money every month or become a volunteer to give them the best support.
  • Your little move can feed the hunger and improve their life. By giving your support, you can prevent food waste and at the same time can help the needy.