The highlighting features of the private form of note

The internal form of notes is familiar as the note of private which an agent or an admin cannot add any issue. This kind of private note is not seen by the users and usually is added in a line that is within messages that would be sent.


These kinds of notes are helpful for the various agents who like to give context while reassigning any certain issues to other particular agents present in a dashboard. These notes are mainly supported which makes it possible for the member of the team to tag the note.

This will help to get notified in real-time. a private form of note is a kind of agent that makes it possible to leave a ticket of a specific type. The customer who is contacted will not be able to see any kind of notes.

They are usually available for inspection only by agents who can access tickets of specific types.

Self deleting text

Way to use the notes:

The note mainly allows the user to write the important issues which are mainly related to the pacific problem. Adding a note of such type makes it much easier for other agencies to take the specific case that needs to get solved.

Apart from this additional based information, the agent can’t find it anywhere.

Can the other person use the note:

There is an option in certain app where the user has the option to use the notes that is private. This makes it possible for an agent to allow as well as every to easy to conduct the varied type of activities in a better way.

Only the owner of the note has the chance to look at the notes and is not related to other aspects. It is completely private and there are also chances to save the changes that are made.

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